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It is estimated that by 2022, more than 82% of Internet traffic will come from video or applications that include video, and this explosive growth will bring significant business value.


With the popularity of 4G, the small video and short video industry has experienced explosive growth. In particular, TikTok short videos have developed rapidly in recent years, and just yesterday, foreign media reported that data from Sensor Tower, an analyst agency, showed that the foreign version of the TikTok app of Bytehop Festival was downloaded more than 750 million times in the past 12 months. More than Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. The rapid development of Tiktok is to seize the opportunity of the rapid development of 4G, which of course has a great relationship with the good product design and positioning of Tiktok. With the arrival of 5G, network bandwidth and transmission rate will be increased a hundred times, the Internet of everything will become possible, and video will usher in greater development opportunities.

With the development of video streaming, the time and opportunity for people to spend on video browsing and visual conversations and interactions will be greatly increased, and the devices that can be connected to the Internet of Things will be broader, from visual watches, visual doorbells, VR virtual reality to large screen visual conversations will become more convenient. You can make video calls through the 5G network through your home TV, large electronic screen, or the crystal panel of your refrigerator.

The arrival of 5G will have a positive and far-reaching impact on many aspects such as smart home, smart city, industrial Internet of Things, smart medical care, smart security, and smart agriculture. Seizing the opportunity of 5G development will usher in the next new era of development!

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