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Hardware circuit design is a process of designing electronic equipment hardware circuit, involving a variety of electronic components selection, connection, layout design and other work. The functions of electronic products are realized by hardware circuits, and hardware circuit design is one of the core links of electronic product design, and it is also an essential skill for electronic engineers. The less hardware problems the less impact on the product, which reflects the importance of hardware circuit design.

The basic flow of hardware circuit design:

1. Determine the design requirements: Before design, it is necessary to understand the requirements of user requirements, equipment functions and performance parameters, form a demand analysis table, and assign it to the corresponding department.

2. Circuit scheme design: Analyze the basic circuit principle, select suitable electronic components, and complete the preliminary design of the circuit.

3. Circuit simulation and analysis: Perform circuit simulation and analysis in circuit simulation software to verify whether the design meets the requirements.

4. Schematic design: schematic design is the core of hardware circuit design, using software tools to draw circuit schematic, the circuit requirements are expressed in graphical form.

5.PCB design: PCB design is based on the circuit principle diagram, to achieve the functions of the hardware circuit, including pcb structure design, pcb layout design, pcb routing and routing optimization, screen printing placement.

6. Hardware circuit test: Make a hardware circuit prototype, test and debug the hardware circuit.

The role of hardware circuit design:

1. Design electronic components into complete hardware circuits to achieve the functions of electronic products.

2. Determine the interconnecting relationship of electronic components so that the circuit can achieve its function.

3. Determine the appropriate working conditions and parameters of electronic components to achieve the optimal design of the circuit.

4. Determine the shape, material, size and other parameters of electronic components to achieve the appearance design of the product.

Hardware circuit design considerations:

1. The design scheme shall meet the needs of users and product performance requirements.

2. The planning and drawing of the schematic diagram shall meet the requirements of the engineer’s design.

3. The planning of circuit diagram and PCB circuit diagram should be carefully formulated, and the selection and connection method of electronic components should be reasonably arranged.

4. Ensure that the selection of electronic components meets the performance requirements of the product.

5. Should follow the relevant standards and specifications of hardware circuit design, draw circuit diagrams and PCB circuit diagrams according to design specifications and electronic standards.

Hardware circuit design is one of the key links of electronic product design, designers should focus on electrical performance, signal characteristics, failure mode and safety, according to the hardware circuit design process, from schematic design to PCB layout design, to ensure that the design meets the needs of users and product performance requirements.

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